From Roy’s Desk

From Roy’s desk


As an auctioneer, I’m often asked “How’s the economy right now?”  Or “What’s the
market like?” As challenging of a question as that is, I try to convey which parts of our
industry are up or down based on my experience from the last 6 months or so. Normally, you
can find a segment that is doing well or a segment that is off a little, but as auctioneers we
usually do have a pulse for how our markets are doing.

6 months into 2013 and we’re seeing something different.

Our company has seen the equipment industry produce a record year in many respects,
and all signs point toward this trend continuing into the last half of 2013. RTI Auctions is
privileged with the opportunity to work for some of the finest buyers and sellers in New York State
and the results for mid-year auctions have reflected this fact.

Our company has held a spring consignment auction the last Saturday of April for the
last 43 years and this year we set a new record for consignors. We were pleased to represent
328 different iindividualsand companies from across the North East. We also had our largest
attendance of nearly 3,000 people come to Groveland Hill. Auctions like these sometimes
can plateau after a while, so we were surprised to see our longest standing sale grow the way
it did.

Our annual Palmyra auction held at the town highway facility also set new records for
consignments. This municipal-only sale has had a strong reputation for many years ast he
place to buy the highest quality wheel loaders on the market. Municipal-maintained
equipment carries with it the promise of excellent care, professional specs, and proper use.
This year’s auction offered a total of 20 wheel loaders, some with as few as 100 hours of use,
and all in pristine condition. Total sales from wheel loaders alone came to $1.95 million.

Our economy is on the rise, and we’re happy to be a part of the upward trend. All
signs point to the summer and fall seasons being strong and 2013 is turning out to be a banner
year. If you’re thinking about selling any equipment this year, please contact me or one of
our salesmen; we’d like to discuss with you what benefits the auction method of marketing
can offer. We have several more large sales coming up through the coming months that
should continue to be record breakers.

I’d personally like to say thank you to our many loyal customers that have supported
us through the years and our whole company hopes to see you at the Seneca Falls auction in
early August.

Roy Teitsworth