Construction Equipment

Roy Teitsworth, Inc. has over 27 years experience in the sale of construction and heavy equipment. Roy Teitsworth works as an expert auctioneer for a national auction company that specializes in the sale of construction equipment.

Our mailing lists and marketing programs are tailored to the customers that buy and sell construction equipment.

Our auctioneers are personally involved in the setup of these auctions so auction day, they are very familiar and knowledgeable about the equipment they are selling.

Our company has a subsidiary that rents construction equipment to local contractors.


Municipal Equipment and Government Surplus

Roy Teitsworth, Inc. has over 30 years of experience working with and conducting auctions for municipalities.

Our firm is recognized by the National Auctioneers Association as a leader in the marketing of municipal equipment.

We have designated two full time staff members to work with municipalities.

Our team currently manages 8 regional municipal auctions.

Appraisal services are provided for municipalites for budget purposes.

Equipment consulations are included in our service to review equipment and recommend repair that may enhance the sale price auction day.

Our staff assists municipalities in designing comprehensive equipment replacement programs for better fiscal planning.

Informational seminars are conducted for town boards, legislators and highway superintendents on the benefits of timely equipment replacement, enhancing equipment specifications for resale, and ways to increase revenue recovery from the sale of used equipment.


Farm Equipment

Dealer and farm equipment liquidations

Annual dealer inventory reduction auctions are conducted in New York and Pennsylvania.

Roy Teitsworth, Inc. is recognized in New York State by agricultural lenders as a leader in marketing used farm equipment.

We provide professional appraisal services for individuals, insurance companies, and lending institutions.

Contacts are maintained nationwide to buy and sell used equipment.


Fleet Reductions

Roy Teitsworth, Inc. conducts annual consignment auctions at our facility in Geneseo for individuals and business.

Our team has designed a marketing and auction program to accommodate large companies with their fleet reductions. Auctions are held in different locations across the state and the equipment is combined with other clients in an effort to expand the marketing, drawing more buyers.

Annual auctions allow customers to reduce fleets as the equipment becomes available, rather than holding it for months.

Trucking services are available for fleet reduction customers.

Depending on the size of the fleet, an onsite auction may be required. Included in our services are fleet evaluations and appraisals.